Our hope is to inspire Christian women to live a more Jesus-centered, authentic life.

The Lord Runs to Us

The Lord Runs to Us

The people will be secure in their land. They will know that I am the Lord,...

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Walking In Faith Together

Do you ever feel lost on your spiritual journey? Like you are stuck in your growth or walking through the valleys alone? We’re here to equip you with articles that will encourage, challenge and draw you deeper into a relationship with Him. We’ll help equip your own spiritual growth and empower you to be a leader in your family and community. 

The Heart of the Home

We believe that community is an integral part of faith. We weren’t created to walk alone and our relationships can strengthen our faith and provide a support system to point you to Christ. From hosting guides to workouts and recipes, these lifestyle resources are designed to help you connect with yourself and others.

Connecting With Your Spouse

Marriage can be a beautiful and tangible example of Christ’s love for us, but we know it isn’t always easy. Whether you are a newlywed or celebrating 50 years, we can all keep learning and growing together. These articles will help you go deeper, provide additional perspectives and help you connect with your spouse.

Help & Hope For Moms

Parenting in today’s culture is harder than ever. Moms are faced with outside influences, endless opinions and constant comparisons all while trying to juggle it all. We understand the struggles you face and have articles to guide you, provide ideas or just encourage you in your role.

Joy Box

Find joy in everyday moments with JOY BOX!  This box is filled with carefully curated products to help you experience more joy throughout your day.  It’s a perfect gift for a mom, daughter, co-worker or even yourself.