How to: Preparing for Social Media workbook (PDF)


As Christian parents, we want to protect our children while also equipping them to live as LIGHTS in this world. It’s not easy, especially in the world of social media. We get it. That’s why we put together this printable resource (8.5x11) with 24 days of scriptures and guided questions. This workbook can serve as the beginning of an on-going conversation between you and your child as you prepare your child’s heart and mind for social media and establish guardrails to protect him or her. 

This workbook is divided into three sections: 

  • Being Grounded in How God Describes His Children 

Social media will have plenty to say about how we “should” look, what we “should” wear, and even where we “should go on vacation or college,” and so much. In this section, these verses and questions will help ground your perspective in the Lord’s truth, not the world’s lies. We provided space to write responses or you can talk it out, too. 

  • Honoring God in How We Treat Others 

This section features verses about how God calls His children to act towards others with specific questions about how these scriptures could be applied to conversations or posts on social media. We provided space to write responses or you can talk it out, too. 

  • Social Media Contract  

Use this contract to define expectations for behaviors and choices as well as consequences. The contract pulls from work you and your child completed in the first two sections.