Jim Denison Discusses the History and Servanthood of Santa

Are we lying to our children when we play along with the idea of Santa Claus? Was Santa ever a real guy? Can we redeem the idea of a man giving gifts to children everywhere?

Christ followers often have a hard time wading through the gray waters of what to do with Santa. After all, the spotlight of Christmas should forever be Christ.

However, Jim Denison with Denison Ministries talks with us about the history of Santa and how his legacy points to a faithful follower of Christ.

You can find Jim’s full article on this conversation through Denison Ministries’ website: https://www.denisonforum.org.

Jim Denison is the founder and CVO of the Denison Forum, a nonprofit Christian media organization that comments on current issues through a biblical lens. His Daily Article, an email newsletter sent every weekday morning, reaches more than 208,000 subscribers in 203 countries.

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