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You Are Brave

An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat.


Or to simply put it, fear is the belief that God is not with of little faith.

You see, the interesting thing about fear is that even though it's like a shadow and accompanies you wherever you go, fear is a choice. Yeah I said it, Fear. Is. A. Choice.

It is a choice between saying “yes” in the face of opposition when you can’t see the rationale or  living with the regret of not trying and remaining crippled by the lies that you’re too busy buying

And without doing the math we all already know what the common choice is…

Because we walk around like cats as though we have nine lives believing that we can be brave in the “next life”

But why are we never brave enough for today?

We always say tomorrow because we hope by tomorrow fear will be gone, but God tells us tomorrow isn’t even promised and that's where we’ve all gone wrong

He wants us to be now.

And the truth is the voice of fear will always be present in situations where there is an opportunity to be brave

See even Peter, who walked with the Savior Himself, almost said “yes” to bravery until the waves of fear began to wave at him and he was no longer “shore” if Jesus was with him anymore…so he sunk...and fear of little faith.

See that's how it works: bravery is simply an exchange of fear for faith

Our faith in Jesus comes with a inner peace that defies all fear.

A peace that confronts, not one that backs up or backs out,

...but a peace that comes with bravery

...bravery to say, “peace be still” in the face of opposition, insecurity, and uncertainty of the deeper places and saying “yes”

“Yes” to standing at the shore and bracing yourself for the exceedingly and abundantly more that we ever so often pray for

...and when it comes...going head first into the deepest of the unknowns…

This is bravery. (beat)

Remembering that:

Fear keeps us stuck

BUT Grace whispers freedom

Fear shouts doubt

BUT Grace sings peace

Fear taunts “You are alone”

BUT Grace declares “My name is Emmanuel, and I am ALWAYS with you”

Fear shouts “youll never make it”

BUT Grace replies “I’ve already made a way”

Fear screams “God is against you”

but GRACE reassures “The fullness of my love is working for your good!”

And in the midst of those fears,

Grace: chants “You are not fearful, you are not timid, you are not crippled, you are not weak, you are not worthless, you are not inadequate, you are not cowardly”

Grace chants, “YOU ARE BRAVE!"

Cheering for you,


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Gloria Umanah is a speaker, spoken word artist, and creative director based out of Atlanta, Georgia! Gloria has worked alongside and has spoken on various platforms such as, Liberty University Convocation, Life Way, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Passion City Church, Fresh Life Church, and more. Gloria left her comfort zone and abandoned her secure plans of going to law school and working with the Federal Bureau of Investigations and instead followed her passion to share the power of the Gospel through teaching the word of God through speaking and spoken word poems which have reached over 800,000 individuals. After graduating from Liberty University in May 2017, Gloria toured around the United States with several different artists, conferences, camps, and churches using her creativity and voice to bring to light the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If she's not on stage you can catch Gloria plugged into the local church student ministry, on the nearest flight to a far away country, or at a coffee shop having coffee with a complete stranger!

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