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Breath of Life: The Second Breath

Every breath, ever, is an utterance of our Creator’s name. The sound of every inhaled and exhaled breath, makes the sound “Yah…Weh.” If we silently speak Yahweh’s name when we breathe, it gives cause to reflect on the third commandment that God wrote on the tablets of stone given to Moses: “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God [Yahweh] in vain, for the Lord [Yahweh] will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain” (Exodus 20:7).

It’s not hard to imagine that this commandment means more than any child has been taught in Sunday school. Some believe that swearing with God’s name is what this commandment addresses, but that falls way short of the fullness of Yahweh’s holiness. It definitely requires that we not use God's name recklessly, but there is much more to it. 

Jesus repeatedly taught that the words and actions of mankind were only indicators of the true self: the spirit or heart of a person. In the famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus equates anger toward a brother or sister to murder. He also equates lust in a person’s heart to adultery. He lays out a case that convicts every human being (past, present, future) as guilty of sin. He proves that we need a Savior and sets the stage for our desperately needed redemption.

So when we consider the commandment about the name of Yahweh, we should tremble, because we quietly speak His name with our every breath. And the way in which we breathe His name is either an act of worship, in spirit and truth, or by misuse, is actually taking His name in vain.

Oh, how we need a Savior! From the beginning, Yahweh was determined to save humanity from the virus of sin that has affected every person ever, except One. Yahweh specifically embedded His desire to save us in the name of our Savior, which carries a heavier weight when we use His true name.

In Hebrew, the name given to Jesus by Yahweh is Yahshua.

Yahshua is made up of the short form of Yahweh’s name, YAH, combined with “who saves” or “is salvation.” So, when we declare Jesus’ name as Yahshua, we are literally saying, “Yahweh is Salvation.”

The First Breath that shaped humanity came from Yahweh in the Garden of Eden. It was a breath given in holiness and its power made the first Adam come alive. The breath of life.

But the Second Breath that shaped humanity came from the lungs of Yahshua at the cross, where He was crucified. The Second Breath that shaped humanity could be labeled “the breath of death.”

Like every daughter or son of man before Him, the breath of life was with Yahshua at the cross. Profoundly, it was given back to Yahweh when Yahshua spoke His final words, recorded in Luke 23:46 (emphasis added): “Then Jesus [Yahshua] called out in a loud voice, ‘Father, into Your hands I commit My Spirit.And when He had said this, He breathed His last.

The spirit of a person leaves their body when they take their final breath!

Breath and spirit are interchangeable in the Old Testament with the Hebrew word ruach. And in the New Testament, breath and spirit are interchangeable in the word pneuma. Yahshua gives up His spirit, His breath, and in this same final exhale, He breathes his last. 

The final breath of Yahshua on the cross is the final exhale of Christ as a man who is the Second Adam. 

The first Adam, inhaled the First Breath, the breath of life. And now, very specifically, the Gospels record how Jesus, who was Himself God, emptied Himself of His deity, becoming the Second Adam so that “Yahweh Who Saves” could redeem humanity from sin by becoming the perfect sacrifice. 

While being found in the form of a man, Yahshua never once took Yahweh’s name in vain, not even with a single breath! He was therefore worthy to exchange His life for yours and mine, redeeming our relationship with Yahweh with his last breath.

Every breath of Yahshua is life, save His final exhale on the cross, which was a breath of death in the flesh. This was accomplished so that we could be crucified with our old self in Christ. Through His death and resurrection, Yahshua completed His work. 

The fate of humanity hinges upon this “it is finished” moment. When Yahshua breathed out his last breath as a man, by exhaling His final “YAH…WEH” to the Father. In that moment, all of humanity was given a Second Breath from God.

This was the Second Breath from God that shaped humanity and continues to bring redemption to all who call upon Yahshua’s name.