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20 Great Ways to Put Your Faith in Action



1. Offer to do some yard work for a widow or an elderly couple in your neighborhood.

2. Start your own club. It can be anything from weaving baskets to playing croquet, to founding a Christian club.

3. Organize an auction where you and your friends can be bought for one day of service! Give the money to your favorite charity.

4. Volunteer to help coach your little brother's peewee football team.

5. Start your own Christian newspaper, magazine or Web site.

6. Offer to clean the bleachers, pick up the trash, etc. one Friday night after your school's football game.

7. Visit a nearby orphanage and spend the afternoon reading books and playing games with the children.

8. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen.

9. Sponsor a canned food drive. Give all donations to your local Salvation Army chapter.

10. Visit the apartments for the elderly to perform a skit or mini-play during their dinner time.

11. Coordinate a basketball game between your high school teachers and varsity team. Charge a few dollars and donate the money to your school improvement fund.

12. One Friday night, turn your basement into a coffee house. Serve desserts, hot chocolate, and of course, coffee! Play some Christian music, and offer this as a fun and safe alternative to weekend partying.

13. Contact a church located in the inner city. With their help, plan a weekend missions trip to help them with whatever they need.

14. If you're musically gifted, host a benefit concert to support a needy family in the community. If you're not, talk to some local garage bands to see if they're interested in doing this.

15. Have an ice cream party for all the neighborhood kids, celebrating the start of a new school year!

16. Help your parents out by spending a Saturday giving your house and garage a good fall cleaning, not to mention sorting through the boxes in the attic!

17. Teach a Sunday school class or volunteer in the church nursery.

18. Commit to becoming a "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" with your local "Big Brothers, Big Sisters" chapter or with a similar organization.

19. Volunteer at the Special Olympics games nearest you.

20. Commit to volunteering once a month. Be creative and diligent. Then watch how God blesses others—and you—through your unselfish work.

Compiled by Autumn Flutur

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