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Kristi Blackburn

Kristi Blackburn is a Physician Assistant, health fanatic, adventurer, mom of two littles, and wife. Kristi loves using holistic health approaches to help women find wellness in their faith, mind, and body and integrate it with their busy family lives. Kristi is passionate about people eating whole foods, seeing food and exercise as medicine, ditching diets, and not counting calories. Kristi helps people stop obsessing over a number on the scale and start focusing on getting healthy from the inside-out.

On any given day you’ll find Kristi daydreaming and posting about food, health, exercise, raising kids, home-schooling, blending families, traveling, taking pictures, and pouring herself out in ministry.

Kristi lives in Indianapolis, IN with her husband Davey and their two children Natalia and Weston. Kristi and Davey founded Nothing is Wasted Ministries and are passionate about helping people navigate life’s valleys in a healthy way and find purpose in their pain.


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