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Our customers helped us raise $166,556 for The Challenge: Fight Human Trafficking. The funds were donated to Destiny Rescue so their nonprofit organization could start a program in the Dominican Republic and rescue more people enslaved in the sex trade.


Family Christian becomes a nonprofit business and continues to give ALL its earnings to Christian Charities. The store count is now 280 in 36 states.


Family Christian reaches two significant ministry milestones:
1) A group of Atlanta-based Christian businessmen and current management team purchase the company. Under new ownership, Family Christian pledges to give 100% of its earnings to Christian charities.
2) By this year, 100,000 children are sponsored through customer generosity, and one million Bibles are donated around the world through promotional partnerships with Bible ministries.


Greater initiative is taken to inform customers that 10% of Family Christian’s earnings are donated to The James Fund to support orphans and widows around the world. The website is re-launched on a new e-commerce/multi-channel platform.


Family Christian’s commitment to The James Fund and the mission of James 1:27 moves center-stage and is adopted as the company’s “calling.” In support of their commitment to orphans and widows around the world, Family Christian launches Good Goers Mission-based Adventure Travels and begins facilitation and coordination of mission trips in North, Central and South America.


Family Christian Stores establishes The James Fund, a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation dedicated to serving orphans and widows as based on the Bible verse James 1:27. Ten percent of Family Christian's earnings are donated to The James Fund.


Family Christian Stores is acquired by a private equity firm.


Family Bookstores changes its name to Family Christian Stores to better reflect the variety of Christian lifestyle products it sells.


Family Bookstores becomes an independent company with 153 stores nationwide.


Zondervan reorganizes into two distinct businesses: Zondervan Publishing House and Family Bookstores, each a separate division of HarperCollins Publishers.


Zondervan consolidates its corporate offices and distribution center into one international headquarters at 5300 Patterson Avenue in Grand Rapids.


Family Bookstores opens its 102nd store.


Zondervan is acquired by Harper & Row Publishers, which later becomes HarperCollins.


Family Bookstores’ stands at 64 stores in 20 states. Zondervan establishes a policy to open stores only in established shopping centers.


Family Bookstores number reaches 57 stores nationwide. That same year, Zondervan publishes the entire Bible in the New International Version (NIV), a complete new translation.


Zondervan goes from a family-owned business to public. It issues stock for the first time.


Family Bookstores’ store count stands at 40 stores.


Zondervan renames its bookstore chain Family Bookstores to establish its own identity.


Zondervan opens a third bookstore in Wyoming, Michigan. Stores in Flint, East Lansing and Indianapolis are soon to follow.


Zondervan opens its first out-of-state store in Winona Lake, Indiana. And a chain is born! They also begin selling books, music and cards by catalog.


Zondervan publishes its first book, Women of the Old Testament, by Abraham Kuyper.


Zondervan opens its first store in Grand Rapids, Michigan to sell greatly reduced priced books, purchased from Harper Brothers.


Zondervan is founded by brothers Bernie and Pat at the Zondervan farmhouse in Grandville, Michigan.

Family Christian Brand
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