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You can change a life just by shopping

My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.
John 15:12 NIV

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At Family Christian, shopping is giving.

We love carrying products that help you grow your faith and share it with others. And that's not all we love doing! We love giving back—and this giving isn't possible without YOU. You see, when you shop with us, your purchases support our efforts to unite with ministries that are helping children and families in need around the U.S. and the world.


Here's how we've changed lives since becoming nonprofit:

Sharing God's Word

Since 2003:
122,249 Bibles have been donated to military members and their families
through our partnership with Biblica and Dickinson Press. Our customers purchased the Bibles and filled out bookmarks, which were included with the Bibles.

More than 400,000 copies—and counting—of Dios me Ama New Testament Bibles have been given away to children in Latin America.

120,440 Bibles were delivered to Scripture Union Ghana for high school students, a program endorsed by the former First Lady of Ghana.

In 2014 and 2015:
14,208 military audio Bibles were donated through Faith Comes by Hearing.

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Orphan Care

Since 2003:
Approximately 445 adoptions have taken place through funds donated to Lifesong for Orphans, Bethany Christian Services and Show Hope.

$199,000 in donations have been given to God's Littlest Angels (GLA) in Haiti to support orphans. In addition:

  • The 2012 16 Title DVD Commercial Co-Venture raised $103K to help build an orphanage in Haiti.
  • The 2012 Little Drummer Boy Commercial Co-Venture raised $38K for GLA.
  • The 2011 Like Dandelion Dust promotion raised $16K for GLA.

195 adoptions have been funded through our own nonprofit ministry.

Provided two school buses and three vans for ministry partners' orphan ministries in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Georgia. In addition, trucks were provided to ministry partners in Honduras (serving orphans and widows) and Guatemala (to advance dental ministry to Mayan Indians).

In 2015:
$15,000 was donated to Hope for Justice for rescuing girls from human trafficking in Cambodia and providing them with rehabilitation services.

$6,000 was donated to Lifesong for Orphans in Honduras for orphan care and adoption assistance.

In 2014:
$17,000 in donations to GLA for Drawings and Architect for Ft. Jacque site

$25,000 donated to Bethany Christian Services for adoption assistance

$43,000 donated to Lifesong for Orphans for adoption assistance

$90,000 in donations given to Back2Back Ministers for Hope House support and education of orphans

$40,000 in donations sent to Goshen Valley Boys Ranch for Hope House support

In 2013:
$50,000 was raised
to aid an orphanage in China.

$22,500 in donations given to Back2Back Ministries to support orphan care. We also sent monthly support for operational expenses for two Hope Homes—high school/college—aged orphans live in the homes-on Back2Back's campus. Support was given to Back2Back Ministries' expansion to serve orphans in Cancun, Mexico.

$3,333 was given to Goshen Valley Boys Ranch in Atlanta, Georgia and $2,000 to the ranch for an adoption grant. We continue to give monthly support to their Resident Expansion and Hope House.

We remain deeply invested in supporting a foster care initiative to raise up 1 million Christian families to care for children in the U.S.'s foster care system.

Since 2012:
$12,500 has been donated to Destiny Rescue
from Kobo Reader sales, which helped them liberate and restore girls ravaged by the sex trade industry.

In 2012:
More than $500,000 was donated to International Justice Mission
through sales of It Happened One Night to rescue girls trapped in the sex trade industry.

In 2011:
More than 120K children were fed
through our help with World Vision to dig and build wells in Rwanda. Funds were raised through the profits of Casting Crown prebuys.

In 2009:
3,900 orphans at Beth-Hatlaim Children's Home
in South Africa were blessed with gifts through a special promotion of the film Faith like Potatoes.

In 2007:
Singer Mark Schultz partnered with us
to raise awareness of orphans by biking across the U.S. and holding 13 concerts.

In 2004:
1,667 orphans
were impacted by gifts donated through World Vision for tsunami relief.

1,980 orphans at The Father's House orphanage in India received support and relief from the tsunami.

Widow Care

Since 2003:
Our annual Gala with vendors has raised funds to support 37,681 orphans and widows in need.

At our Gala in 2014, $33,034 was raised to support our Challenge in November 2014, helping rescue those enslaved in the sex trafficking industry.

Funding has been provided for the production and distribution of Widow Connection's "New Beginnings" radio spots. These spots direct traffic to the WC website to inform, encourage and offer assistance to widows with finances, emotions and grief. The objective of the website is to offer information that is practical in nature and biblically based. The radio spots are heard around the world on more than 1,200 media outlets.

  • Through these spots, thousands of widows’ lives have been touched, and 100 of them were trained in tailoring. Because of this training, 700 hundred dependent orphans are fed daily and 300 children are now in school because their widowed mothers learned to sew.

1,800 pairs of reading glasses purchased to donate to orphans and widows in need.

The past two winters, our employees raised enough funds to provide firewood for every Navajo widow in Pine Dale, New Mexico.

Our ministry is underwriting the cost to build a bunk house for mission teams serving Navajo widows in Pine Dale, New Mexico.

In 2014:
More than 100 participants joined together to do quality life improvements
at St. John’s Home and Wedgewood in the Grand Rapids area.

In 2013:
100 volunteers and guests banded together to serve 8 widows
in the Grand Rapids area through hands-on ministry.

A van and trailer were provided for our ministry partner in New Mexico to help them serve widows.

Since 2012:
The past three winters, we raised $18,000 to provide firewood
for every Navajo widow in Pine Dale, New Mexico.

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Mission Trips

Since 2003:
2,206 people—and counting—have traveled with us on 69 mission trips. Besides the U.S., we've served in China, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala, Mexico, and South Africa.

More than 6,000 pairs of shoes donated to orphans and widows by Payless Shoes' employees during our mission trips and also shipped to other various international locations

80 new widow homes built

128 widow homes restored

256 fuel-efficient stoves installed

33 water purifiers provided

4 chainsaws provided to build more homes for widows

1,350 children have been fed each year through nutrition feeding programs

Since 2013:
300 Guatemalans have received reading glasses from Restoring Vision

450 Guatemalans have been given skirts, bags and pants through donations to Mary Beute

Since 2014:
300 Bibles were given to families in Guatemala

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Other Ways We Give

Since 2003:
107K shoe boxes and more than 200K gospel tracks have been provided to families in need through Operation Christmas Child.

In 2015:
70,000 Barnabas Bears were donated to ministries in the U.S. and around the world.

$5,400 was raised for storm clean-up in South Carolina and donated to Convoy of Hope. Approximately 12,248 lives were touched by this support.

In 2010:
we helped Back2Back Ministries with emergency relief from Hurricane Alex for squatters' communities in Monterrey, Mexico.

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In the fall of 2015, we invited you to help give hope to people in need in three ways: education, food and water. Together with our partners, Back2Back Ministries, Pray America and World Vision, we helped provide these life-saving basics to people around the world. For our food campaign, your donations will feed up to 8,600 Guatemalans in need.

How you've helped around the globe

The Challenge: Fight Human Trafficking
Destiny Rescue

Over Thanksgiving week 2014, you helped us raise $166,556 for Destiny Rescue to start their rescue efforts in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Now even more people enslaved in the sex trafficking industry will be rescued, cared for and kept safe.

The Haiti Challenge. One Orphanage & You. Click to learn more >

Raised through the Haiti Challenge: $280,338 for the first year of construction for a neonatal and infant orphanage. A team of nine traveled to Haiti for the ground breaking on February 5, 2015, and construction is currently underway.

Pictures od the orphanage in China Wadian, China (Hunan Province)

In the spring of 2013, our customers helped us raise $50,000 for an orphanage in China. With these funds and the continued support of the Chinese government, we expanded our ministry to open a hospital as well. In August 2014, the hospital began operating and is ready to serve orphans in the community!

Thank you! 150,000 child sponsorship through World Vision
…to look after orphans and widows in their distress. James 1:27
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